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    There are three ways to begin writing your book 1) from the "TEST DRIVE WRITING TOOL" on the menu bar 2) From the TEMPLATES link in the menu bar 3) from the "REGISTER" link on the menu bar. Your email address and a password to will be required to register and save your work. Rest assured, your personal information is never shared by Howitwuz.com (see our privacy policy below).:

    Security: Once registered only you will have access to your work. You own the content and your account is password protected and encripted.

    Continuity: Every time you sign on you will return to where you left off and your work is automatically saved.Your work is always there safely archived in one place. CHOOSE A TEMPLATE Our templates are designed to help you proceed with your story in a logical, orderly manner and help jog your memory for things that you might want to include. The templates are completely flexible. You can add, edit, and delete chapters and photos as you choose.You can also choose to use no template at all by choosing "NO TEMPLATE" from the available choices. If You begin your book from "TEST DRIVE WRITING TOOL" our most popular template called "FULL LIFE DETAILED" is already installed.

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    Professional writers almost unanimously agree that it is very important to have an independent and qualified second set of "eyes" review their work before going to print. For this reason, we offer our top-notch editing and formatting service. Remember, your work may be around for generations to come!

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    Printing is an important part of our service. The price of printing your book or booklet will be based on the book size, type of binding, number of pages, and the number of copies that you would like printed. See our Pricing link above for full details.