Robert M.

I cannot begin to praise you all enough for producing a great product. Your Web site name is perfect -- “”. That is what I was trying to accomplish. So, 100 years from now, perhaps some of my descendants could read this and know why my generation was known as “The Greatest Generation”. I was fortunate to have accumulated several stories of my growing up through the 1920’s to the 50’s and more. However, I had never assorted them and made a sequential story. You took my raw data and edited it, taking out misspellings, copyrighted material, and things like references to Social Security Numbers, and etc.Then your layout people took some of my photos, reproduced them and inserted them right into the correct story. I must mention the final product. The book is just the right size, with very high quality paper and printing. I guess you can see how pleased I am with the way it all turned out. All four children and nine grandchildren have copies and the reports are great. In fact one copy is on the way to the Niagara Aerospace Museum in New York State.